The Art Behind The Magic

"Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive."
-Walt Disney

Disney Concept Art

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“I try to build a full personality for each of our cartoon characters - to make them personalities.” - Walt Disney

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Tiana Character Design 

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Megara visual development art
Brave animation test

Brave animation test

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Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider Character Designs

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“I did a soup sequence for Snow White, it was very fun and everybody laughed and so did Walt. She [Snow White] calls them in and she serves soup to them. All the funny ways that they slurp the soup, especially Dopey. Then Walt called me up to his office and he says, “I’ve been looking at the film and I’m going to have to take out the soup sequence”, and I spent 8 months on it. He gave me a reason why, he said I’ve got to get back to the witch and… it kinda hurt.”

- Ward Kimball, Animator

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“A Character Study — old Mother Gothel” Jin Kim | graphite

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Snow White - The Queen

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Brave Concept Art

I have always used my own family as models. Ariel was my wife, Tarzan was my son, I was Beast and my daughter Claire was very much the inspiration for Rapunzel. - Glen Keane

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Frozen first officially released concept art

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Tarzan Model Sheet By Glen Keane 

Tarzan Model Sheet By Glen Keane 

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Merida concept art by Steve Pilcher

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