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"Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive."
-Walt Disney

Storyboards from How to Hook Up Your Home Theater

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Ward’s drawings of Jaq from Cinderella (1950).

Concept art for Fantasia’s Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria (1940)

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Carter Goodrich | Brave

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Elsa Concept Art

Elsa Concept Art

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Excerpts from a journal I kept while working on Rapunzel. I needed to believe in her as if she were real so I documented my life and thoughts when I was at home not doing anything in particular and translated them into Rapunzel’s world. When it came time to paint her murals I felt like I had a good idea of what she would be thinking about while she was painting.

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Alice In Wonderland Concept Art

Alice In Wonderland Concept Art

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thrashbash asked: Thanks for blogging/reblogging all the Tangled stuff. Makes me feel nice among the Frozen Fever.

No prob. Love your icon btw!


Jin Kim, Frozen


Jin Kim, Frozen

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Visual Development from Tangled by Kevin Nelson

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Model Sheet from Tangled by Jin Kim

Prop Designs from Tangled by Scott Watanabe

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Concept art for The Great Mouse Detective

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▣ Frozen (2013) Anna character design with concept art backdrops

Visual Development from Pocahontas by Glen Keane